Gelopen (ultra-)marathons

Eventjes duidelijk zijn: ik houd enkel rekening met wedstrijden, met uitslagen op papier.
  1. 24/08/2007: Ultratrail du Mont Blanc (Chamonix, Frankrijk), 163km, 527e/1437
  2. 11/07/2008: Hardrock100 (Silverton, CO, USA), 163km, 33e/98
  3. 27/08/2008: Petite Trotte à Léon (Chamonix, Frankrijk), 220km, 3e/31
  4. 16/03/2009: La Transsaharienne (Tamanrasset, Algerije), 257km, 1e/21
  5. 29/08/2009: Cascade Crest Classic (Easton, WA, USA), 161km, 4e/96
  6. 11/09/2009: Superior Sawtooth (Lutsen, MN, USA), 161km, 23e/36
  7. 28/05/2010: Oλyμπιoς Δρoμoς (Olympia, Griekenland), 180km, 3e/50
  8. 23/07/2010: Lakeland100 (Coniston, UK), 166km, 32e/71
  9. 06/08/2010: Gax Trans Scania (Malmö, Zweden), 246km, 6e/12
  10. 12/09/2010: Tor des Géants (Courmayeur, Italië), 330km, 71e/179
  11. 11/08/2012: North Downs Way Race (Wye, UK), 161km, 27e/69
  12. 24/11/2012: Piece of String Fun Run (Streatley, UK), 190km, 1e/2

"It was hard to understand, and all I knew was that you had to run, run, run, without knowing why you where running, but on you went through fields you didn't understand and into woods that made you afraid, over hills whitout knowing you'd been up and down, and shooting across streams that would have cut the heart out of you had you fallen into them."

- A. Sillitoe